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Blend and Grape Sources

100% estate-grown Scheurebe from our Home Ranch Vineyard in St. Helena.

Napa Valley
Harvest Dates
September 10, 2015

In 1994, the desire to produce an “ice wine,” or Eiswein, as it is called in Germany, prompted Joseph Phelps Vineyards to adopt a unique program whereby Scheurebe grapes would be picked late in the season and then frozen, thus concentrating their high sugar levels. The resulting wine was called “Eisrébe,” a play on the German words Eis (ice) and Rebe (vine). Although German Eiswiens are produced from fruit that is actually picked frozen on the vine, we found that by freezing the grapes ourselves we could fashion a delicious dessert wine that is viscous and smooth, with excellent acidity to balance the sweetness.

Winemaking Data

One of the few Scheurebe plantings in California, the grapes were handpicked and frozen to -5°F followed by a partial thawing before a long, gentle pressing. The juice was fermented in stainless steel at a cool temperature to retain the delicate aromatics of this variety.

Winemaker Notes

Floral aromas of honeysuckle, gardenia, stone fruit and orange peel dominate the subtle jasmine spice. This wine is filled with dried apricot, chamomile tea, Meyer lemon and juicy Fuji apple wrapped in a ribbon of sweet honey. Elegantly structured with viscous texture and a tangy saline note followed by a luscious citrus finish.

Vintage Notes

The 2015 Napa Valley growing season saw dry, mild winter and spring temperatures setting the stage for another early growing season. The Scheurebe bud break was 50% complete by mid-March followed by an early period of bloom. Although May was cool, temperatures in August, September and October were quite warm overall, creating conditions for one of the earliest and shortest harvests on record. Low yields of high quality fruit with intensely concentrated flavors are hallmarks of this vintage.

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