The Wines

Core Varietals

We try to present a core wine in each shipment, which would include Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc.

Rhône-style Varietals

In addition to the core wines, Joseph Phelps produces a series of Rhône-style wines that may include one or more of the following: Viognier, a delicate white varietal with wildflower aromas and tropical fruit flavors; and Syrah, a rich, spicy red wine which Phelps has produced since 1974.


Because of its limited production and consistently high ratings, Insignia is probably the most sought-after wine produced by Joseph Phelps Vineyards each year. We make it available to Phelps Preferred members through exclusive futures and pre-sale offers. Considered our "flagship" wine, Insignia is fashioned after the great reds of Bordeaux and represents the highest expression of winemaking available to us in a given vintage.

Limited Production

We also make available to Phelps Preferred members limited-production wines. These include the Backus Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from our estate-owned vineyard south of the Oakville Cross Road along the Silverado Trail and a number of wines produced for Phelps Preferred and our retail sales department: Viognier, Syrah, Eisrébe, and Merlot. Some of these wines may be too limited to include in the automatic quarterly shipments, but we make them available to members through our seasonal newsletter “Spring Valley Times”, special mailings and e-mail notifications.