Shipping Details

Phelps Preferred Shipping Policy

Reciprocal & Non-reciprocal States. The winery is faced with a number of shipping dilemmas revolving around the current reciprocal laws in each state. Currently, we have reciprocal agreements with many states, wherein we can ship wine directly from the winery to our Phelps Preferred members in those states. Unfortunately, it is illegal for us to ship wine to customers in the remaining "non-reciprocal" states.

To determine the reciprocal status of your state, please feel free to call the winery and inquire with the retail staff or Duane Harris (800-707-5789).

In an effort to maintain our high standards of quality, we do not ship wine during extreme weather conditions. Heat and freezing temperatures can damage wine. If it is too hot or too cold to ship, we will hold your wine in our temperature-controlled cellar until we are able to ensure that the wine will arrive in perfect condition.