Velvety Mushroom Soup

Velvety Mushroom Soup

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From: Chef Rick Warkel

Serves: 6

Serve with Freestone Vineyards Pinot Noir


Olive oil
1 cup Onion
½ cup Carrot
½ cup Celery
1½ tsp. Garlic
½ cup Heavy cream
5 cups Assorted mushrooms (chopped)
  Salt and pepper to taste
  Truffle oil to taste

Sweat onion, garlic, celery & carrot in olive oil. Add mushrooms and cook for approx. 4 minutes. Add chicken stock to cover and simmer for ½ hour. Stir in ½ cup heavy cream and bring to a boil. Strain and reserve liquid; Then purée solids, adding reserve liquid to desired consistency. Adjust to taste with salt & pepper.

Top with a drop or two of truffle oil (optional).