2007 Fogdog Rosé of Pinot Noir

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Harvest Dates
September 26, 2007
Winemaker Notes

This wine was produced from Pinot Noir grapes that were whole cluster pressed with the intention of making a crisp and lively Rosé that possesses the acidity and vibrancy of a white wine along with the fruit and structure of a racy Pinot Noir. The Dijon 115 clone has a tendency to be very generous in the red fruit profile and lighter in tannin than some of the other Dijon clones making it a nice candidate for a whole cluster pressed Rosé.

After pressing, the juice remained in tank for about two weeks to allow the native fermentation to begin, and then the fermenting juice was transferred to 2-year old French oak barrels to finish the process. We believe that the initiation of a long, cool fermentation in stainless steel with subsequent racking to neutral oak allows for maximum retention of the natural fruity esters that make this wine fresh and fruit-forward. The result is a wine with aromas and flavors of wild strawberries and red currants that will show best served at chilled temperatures.

We are especially excited to present this wine as our inaugural release from the 2007 vintage at the new Freestone winery!


The long 2007 growing season for Pinot Noir included a two week cooling spell which allowed for maximum development of aroma and flavor. Temperatures warmed up during the middle of September which helped the ripening fruit achieve the phenolic maturity that we were looking for, lending structure to the finished wine. There was a two-week halt to Pinot Noir picking in early to mid-September, just after which the Rosé grapes were harvested: the berries were plump and juicy, the skins were still crunchy to the bite and all of the flavors were there, providing a nice framework for this exciting addition to the Fogdog profile.